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Go fishing in a boat

If you like fishing why don´t take a fishing tour from Fuseta. In the harbour you will find some boats and trips to choose from.

We can recommend Fuseta fishing. The boat is equipped with a GPS and sounder which eases the job to find the best fish. Fishing will be done in 2 or 3 miles from the coast. The experienced captain knows exactly where to go. You better do your best because the fishes you catch you can take home and do a BBQ!

You can choose between different fishing trips. When going on bottom fishing you can catch seabream, pandora, axillary seabream, wrasse, red gurnard, chub mackerel, horse mackerel, black seabream, pagrus, garfish, triggerfish, scorpion fish, red mullet and picarel.

It is also possible to go Big game fishing in May-October.

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