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Take a boat trip to an island

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Culatra is a very nice island near Olive Valley
Culatra village

Culatra is a very nice fishing village on Culatra island where you can have lunch and stay on the beach Praia da Culatra. Faroll is another village on the same island with the beach Praia do Farol. You can walk between the two villages on the beach or take the boat. It is 3 km. To get to Culatra island you take a boat from Olhao or Faro.

Ilha da Culatra

Ilha da Armona is another island near the coast of Olhão. The island is known for its many kilometres of unspoiled beach. lha da Armona is famous for its beautiful beach that consists of fine white sand, stretching for many kilometres.

Ilha da Armona

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